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Meet Dean Epstein, our Houston Store Manager!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Dean Epstein and I am the manager at E.G.Geller Footwear in Houston, Texas. My wife and I moved to Texas 10 months ago from Chicago. My wife is originally from here. The company I worked for is also an independent retailer with pretty much the same footwear selection as E.G.Geller, so I am very knowledgeable in our product!

I have been in the shoe "Biz" for over 40 years and have learned from some of the best pedorthist and sales people in the industry on how to measure, fit and explain why some shoes work and others don't!

My job has always been to make sure you AND your feet are comfortable with the footwear you have chosen.

 At E.G.Geller, the selection of footwear is all about style and comfort. You never have to substitute one for the other!

Please stop by to see our new Fall Collection of merchandise. And feel free to call me anytime with questions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Dean Epstein

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