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About Us


Born and raised in the shoe business, Mr. Geller is truly a natural and Mrs. Geller quickly caught on becoming a nurse turned shoe expert. Between Mr. Geller’s childhood in his father’s shoe store, his many years in footwear wholesale and Mrs. Geller’s time with Nina Shoes, they both certainly were destined for footwear.

Mr. & Mrs. Geller opened their first store as a Mephisto concept store in 1992 with a vision of stylish and comfortable footwear. As they traveled to trade shows in Europe they began to see many unique comfort footwear lines that were also stylish. The Mephisto concept store quickly blossomed into E.G.Geller and the selection of unique European comfort footwear continues to grow.

Today, E.G.Geller has two locations, an online store and offers over 40 different brands of the world’s finest footwear. Our staff is expertly trained in the art of fitting shoes. Service is what we’re all about.

The Euro Comfort Business is ever changing as new technologies in comfort footwear are developed. E.G. Geller will continue to offer our customers the latest in comfort and style.

Tell us about your feet and we will tell you about our shoes.