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Stay Cool this Summer

Stay Cool This Summer...

The temps are heating up for us here in Texas and for many of your around the country. Here are a few ideas to stay cool during these hot summer days...

  • Enjoy some frozen beverages...maybe a slushy or frozen margarita?
  • Make some homemade healthy popsicles with fresh fruit and juices.
  • Drink lots of water to stay least 8 glasses a day is recommended.
  • Take a cool shower to cool down after a long, hot day. You can also dip your feet into a bathtub or bucket of ice-cold water. This will cool your entire body down.
  • Keep the lights turned off at home. Even the environmentally-friendly light bulbs still give off heat.
  • Wear lightweight, cotton clothing.
  • Choose cotton linens for your bed during the summer months.
  • Wear breathable, leather shoes or sandals. Many shoes have synthetic uppers and linings that don't allow the foot to breath and harbor bacteria.
  • Head to the pool and take a dip!

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