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Treat your feet to the 'Grace'

    The Thierry Rabotin Grace is a long time staple at E.G.Geller. Many of our customers have worn this shoe for over a decade. Thierry Rabotin shoes are handmade in Italy using the finest leather, material and craftsmanship. They’re made using a Sacchetto construction which allows the shoe to wrap your foot like a glove. The soft leather lining feels great on the foot and works for many of our customers with bunions, hammertoes and other foot issues. However, you don’t have to have foot problems to treat your feet to this beautiful shoe. This spring, the ‘Grace’ is available in some wonderful colors and leathers including black, navy, mustard, pink and more. Pair a ballet like this with jeans, dressy slacks, a dress or skirt.Try a pair today! Shop our entire selection of Thierry Rabotin at E.G.Geller>>

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